Bulk Item Drop-Off

Bulk Trash drop-off at Sansom Park Public Works Facility

5900 Cowden Street

Sansom Park, TX 76114

Hours for disposing items will be from 8am to 12pm or until dumpsters are at full capacity.

On Drop-off Saturdays, members of staff will be on site to assist with and monitor the event. This is for Sansom Park residents only. Please bring a current water bill for staff to verify your address at the gate. Pickup trucks and small trailers (4x4) are accepted once per event. If additional trips are needed, please speak with onsite staff. Multiple trips may be accepted for a fee dependent on dumpster vacancy. There will be an additional charge for anything larger than a full size pickup truck and this fee will be assessed to any large trailers.

  • NO construction items
  • NO shingles
  • NO paint
  • NO electronics
  • NO car parts, oil or grease
  • NO appliances containing Freon
  • NO hazardous, toxic or radioactive items

Bulk Drop Off Schedule - 2024

2024 Drop Trash