History of Sansom Park

The area that comprises the City of Sansom Park today was initially known as Broad View Acres. Between 1910 and 1920 the pioneer inhabitants, migrated from the neighboring cities, such as Fort Worth, River Oaks and Saginaw in search of a quiet rural setting, available agricultural land, and to escape from high property taxes in the other cities. 


The idea of instituting a separate independent jurisdiction from the cities of River Oaks and Fort Worth started in the late 1930s when John Shockley, Robertson Hunter, and other prominent Sansom Park residents started to organize a Citizens Pressure Group against taxation and annexation attempts by the neighboring cities. The group became very well organized and powerful in the 1940s. They launched a successful petition for a separated and independent village to be incorporated as Sansom Park at the Tarrant County Offices. The petition for an election, and the result, was overwhelmingly in support of the incorporation. The Village was officially incorporated on March 24, 1949 under the guidance of Gus Brown, a Tarrant County Judge. The area incorporated was initially less than four square miles and it contained an aggregate of about 3,000 people.

About Sansom

Sansom Park only has two main arterial streets that provide access for the City to Fort Worth and other neighboring cities; and the core commercial and light industrial activities are concentrated on two streets, which are Azle Avenue at the northern boundary and Jacksboro Highway in the southern part of the city. Sansom Park Village was renamed to the City of Sansom Park in 2000.