Garage Sales

Garage Sale Regulations

  • Garage sales are permitted in a accordance with city ordinance.
  • Each permit is $10 and can be issued for a garage sale to be held for three consecutive days.
  • Garage sales may be held at any one residence four (4) times in a calendar year and not to exceed one per month.
  • Only used merchandise shall be sold.

Garage Sale Sign 

The garage sale sign is your permit and available only at the Permits Office in City Hall. You must appear in person to pay the permit fee and receive your sign. Only one sign shall be allowed on the property conducting the sale in a location visible from the street.  Signs shall not be posted on utility poles, street signs, or other fixed objects. The sign may be posted twenty-four (24) hours prior to the beginning of the sale. The sign shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours following the last day of the sale. Failure to secure a permit prior to holding a garage sale may result in a fine.

Garage Sale Weekly Listings

 Garage Sales Week of November 24, 2023